Thursday, 23 January 2014

Simply Be- Bespoke

I firstly would like to apologise to Simply Be and Kelly Ward- I was meant to post this a week or so ago, and I just have not had time and had a few things on at the moment, but I guess its better late than never! :)

Hello everyone :)

Just thought I would share with you some fabulous shoes that I was sent to review a while ago. I was approached by Simply Be to review a pair of shoes that I would wear on New Years Eve/ Party season. Now, obviously it has passed party season, but as I have already stated, life has got in the way of things so I am a little behind! 

If you haven't heard of Simply Be, then if you are plus sized you are CRAYYZEEE. Simply Be are one of the biggest brands in the plus sized fashion world, specialising in sizes 14-32. In the past few years, Simply Be have gone from being a parcel post service, to opening 9 stores across the country. I am uber lucky as there is one 10 minutes away from my home, so I am always popping in, and end up coming out with a bargain or three!

So, when receiving the heels, I did fall a little bit in love with them. I love a sling back style, as I have one foot slightly smaller than the other and do sometimes end up with my foot sliding out of the shoe. However, with these babies, I had no issue with that, especially as you can tighten or loosen them with the buckle. The yellow is a little on the bright side to what I would usually wear on my feet, however they do give them an edge and gave a bit of colour to my outfit. 

I forgot to mention I m rubbish at heels. Wedges- yes. Flatforms- my best friend. But heels are usually a no go for me as I end up looking like I have a broom inserted somewhere- not a good look! Usually, its because the balls of my feet are at such an angle, it causes my feet to hurt. However, these heels have an inch heel at the front, giving my tootsies a little rest and not as much pressure on my feet. Win win, I would say!

I have teamed my shoes with a dress from Asos Curve, bought a while ago, so don't remember how much it is. Its a staple for me when I am in need of doing a work to dinner out after work outfit- plus being a nurse I need to wear something smart for work, so usually team it with my kimono from H&M.

So, overall, I love them. Converted me to not always wearing wedges on nights out and special occasions. The comfort from the sole of the shoe also helps you to walk well and is always an added bonus. Would I buy any heels from these guys? Of course, but then again, I would say 60% of my wardrobe is already from Simply Be- so where is my credit card? Lets go shopping!

Link to shoes

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