Thursday, 23 January 2014

Life goes on...

Hello all :)

Its been almost a year since I wrote my last blog post. Not gonna lie, I fell out of love with blogging. I haven't read a blog post since then neither, apart from a couple of my favourite blogs (here, here and here) which I follow on twitter, so whenever a link was posted I would read. I guess when I started to blog (2010 I think, should really remember this!) the plus size community wasn't that big, and I attended an event in London and met a load of really cool ladies, most of which I still keep in contact with now. I loved helping Lauren set up Plus North; amongst many other fabulous people, and we had a hoot of a time- but since it has kinda exploded and is a huge thing now (hello, its actually recognised at LFW!!) and loads of people have jumped on the band wagon, it kinda threw me. When you found a new blog, it was really exciting, seeing what other people liked and disliked etc- but a load of people I was reading were basically begging for free stuff. Thats not cool. Its kinda sad.

If companies and lovely PR people wish to send you items to review (co-incidently Ive had two approach me the past month, even though I haven't been blogging) then its a privilege, not an automatic thing for you to get. Now I am not slagging people off who get items to review in case anyone reads it like that- its people who think they should get stuff for writing a few lines and thats it.  When I started to blog, it was about making friends in a fabulous community who didn't judge, nor did they expect anything and stupid politics weren't brought up into it.

So anyway, thats my whinging over with haha! I am back. Over the next week or so I may change a few things on here (even though I am rubbish at any computer coding etc, especially since I haven't learned all the different codes for my mac D: ) but I will get there. I will also be posting regularly, starting with a lovely pair of heels I was sent by the fabulous people over at Simply Be, but it will be around my work and personal life. Originally, I started the blog just to review fashion and beauty items that I had heard about or purchased, but I think its going to be about everything. My life, my loves, my passions.

So hop on, get a drink and a biscuit (or two), and jump on the ride.
Enjoy x

P.S- when I got my new phone, I lost my twitter log in etc and due to my old email being linked to it and that being hacked, I created a new twitter. Its Sophie_Marie22, so please go and follow! :)

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