Saturday, 4 June 2011

Accessorize/Monsoon PR Day

So, a few weeks ago, I went t'big smoke for a weekend of fun, laughter and drunken times with my friend Connor. However, Steph invited me to be her +1 for a PR fay at the Monsoon/Accessorize Head Office in Shepherds Bush, London. After my amazing friend said he didnt mind, I tagged along to the afternoon. Now, Im pretty good and organised when it comes to the underground, but maps are not my forte. It took us for what seems in forever to find the headquarters, which was kinda near Westfield Shopping Centre. But in a ghetto. Gahhh!

So anyway, I arrived a sweaty mess, praying I had deodrant in my bag. We were greeted by some lovely girls, and we signed in and were given a drink in the most cutest glasses by the FITTEST waiters ever. He also caled my babe, and I nearly fainted, sighhhhhh.

When you walked in, there was this fab swing ride (I cant remember the names of them..) which me and Steph were dying to find out if they worked or not to have a go :) the presentation of the room was something spectacular, I mean I havent been to many PR days, but it took my breath away. The collection itself in my opinion is amazinggg! Okay, so its a little out of my price range, but I absolutely love the different sections. the fusion collection was fabulous, amazing colours and a mix of 60s/70s and now. I saw a couple of the peter pan collars in there, so if you love that trend then dont worry! :) The quality of the clothes were something else, I mean seriously, they were fabulous.

Here are my favourite pics of the event:


rose petals said...

looks like an amazing day :) I love accessorize if I worked there I wouldn't have any money left. Love the green dress X

Hi! Im Sophie said...

@rosepetals yes it was an amazing afternoon, I especially loved the little Accessorize cave, it was beautifully laid out and amazing stuff coming out for A/W11 :) xx