Friday, 10 June 2011


Hiya you crazy kids! Not posted ina while, got alot on with uni and what not at the moment. However I do like the simplicity of the outfit, so thought I would share.

When I went to London recently with my friend Connor, we of course hit Oxford Street with a bang. My first destination was of course Selfridges! I snapped up some OPI nail varnishes and this t-shirt. The t-shirt is from the 'Save the Ocean' campaign that Selfridges are currently running, with the website stating:

'From 11 May- 11 June 2011, Selfridges is partnering with more than 20 environmental and groups to celebrate the beauty of the ocean, highlight the issue of over fishing, help us all understand the threats to the ocean and make positive choices about the right fish to buy and eat'.

So, me being good (and excited that I can fit into something from Selfridges since they only do small sizes there) and probably mental for paying this much for an oversized t-shirt, I bought one of the oversized t-shirts. I bought the one with the slogan 'L.O.V.E' as I didnt fancy walking around ina t-shirt saying Save the fish on it...

top: Selfridges
scarf: Accessorize (from PR day, not out until July)
tube skirt: H&M
leggings: New Look
Ring: Evans

Simple yet I love this outfit. Like it?


aroselikethis said...

i would be the same at selfridges i do that in stores all the time! :P and the scarf looks lovely :)


Hi! Im Sophie said...

haha I know, I need to stop as my bank will hate me ha! thank you bubs :D xx

nurseybeau said...

oh yes very niceeee!!!! :)

Hi! Im Sophie said...

Thank you my darling little sweety pie :) xxxx

Grace said...

Aww you're so cute! Xx

Hi! Im Sophie said...

Aw thank you Grace! :) I do try haha :) xxx