Tuesday, 17 May 2011

EVOLVE from Evans!

So, one day last week, I got a lovely message of a fabulous friend, saying there was a code available for the Evans Website. By the sound of it of all the moaning murtles on the Evans Facebook page it didnt work for long, but I was lucky enough to snap up some bargains. (I feel like I should apologise for it, because its kinda ripping them off, but Im a poor student, so what do you expect ha!)

So yeah, anyway... I purchased the black fringed sandals and a beautiful ring, and got them both plus p+p for £6.50. Absolute bargain!

I absolutely love them both- the shoes fit lovely and I love how they dont feel tight around my ankle. Ive had so many compliments today about my ring at placement! I love how the size is changeable, so I can wear it on different fingers. Will deffo be snapping more of Evan's rings up soon (when I get my bursary!)
What do you think?


StephanieDJL said...

Um I think I need that ring! & where's the dress/top you're wearing from?

Hi! Im Sophie said...

its a very short dress which I wear with tube skirt from H&M. Dress is Topshop bubs! xx

HannahRoyall said...

Actually i need this ring to be apart of my life. Its beaut.


xx love H

Hi! Im Sophie said...

thanks babes! I love it :) Deffo should get it! xx

Katkins1982 said...

That ring is lovely!

And we are shoe twins! I am yet to wear mine yet, but they fit really well!

Hi! Im Sophie said...

Woo we are! I wore mine last night to nip to the shop in, they are lovelyyyyy! :) xx

The Cat Hag said...

That's an absolute steal!

Love the ring, it looks wonderful on you. :)

The Cat Hag

Hi! Im Sophie said...

aw thank you Addie! :) xxx

Edward said...

I relly love your shoes and your ring! it's very stylish.
I love evans too, and i have new evans discount code 2011. I give you the link if your are interested:
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Good continuation with your blog. :)

Hi! Im Sophie said...

Thank you Edward :) hope you enjoy my blog! x