Saturday, 7 May 2011

Going to the chapel, and we're gonna get married...

Ok, so its not me getting married. I don't even have a beau (SOB). But I am going to be bridesmaid at my mumma's wedding in August! Scratch that. I am the MAID OF HONOUR at my mumma's wedding.
Now, this is the first time I have been bridesmaid, so I will probably do something wrong, but its just a small gathering of family and friends, so I dont care ha. Now, due to me being a fatty and having huge boobs, its hard trying to find a dress I feel 100% comfortable in. My mum just wants to buy us all dresses that are formal enough for a wedding, but will be able to wear again at some other event.
The first dress I wanted (and tried on) was from ASOS.

It was £55 but I got student discount off it so it was £49.50. A right bargain! When I received it which was free next day delivery, I was rather happy with it. However it was a bit tight still even though I am losing weight (nearly 1 and a half stone now!) and the bust area was a little small, so I sent it back, asking for the next size up. Nothing came back after a week, so I emailed them, asking where it was. They turned around and said that they 'have refunded me the money instead, sorry!'
As you can guess, I was a little miffed off. I mean, I had been looking for one for AGES, and they cock up my order. So, I tried to reorder it. And guess what. SOLD FUCKING OUT. Not happy. At all with ASOS.
So, back to the drawing board. I searched and searched, until I found this one.

This one was from Littlewoods (never even thought of looking on there until my mumma mentioned it) and was £99. I LOVE it, plus it comes in this colour and Jade. So, my mum ordered it and I tried it on yesterday. The fabric is perfect, good bust area and perfect length. But it wouldn't fasten up. GAHHHH. We sent it back as you can only have it for so long before they charge you for it, but I am DETERMINED to fit into it, so I am hoping that I can lose a few more stone before the wedding in August and then reorder it nearer the time.

So, chant with me: I MUST I MUST IMPROVE MY BUST!


Katkins1982 said...

I feel your pain! I always have the same problem with dresses, they fit lovely in some places and not others... nearly always the boobs!

You've done so well to lose a stone and a half! Have u seen a big difference in your clothes size?

Hi! Im Sophie said...

Gahh I always ahve that problem, when I can afford it Im gonna get them made smaller, I hate having to buy things way too big just for the boobage.

thank you bubs! Err I can tell on my face slightly, and ive got a bit of a waist now, but not yet with clothes. If anything, I was getting annoyed that nothign fitted me right today out shopping haha. Never mind, Ill get there :) How are you getting on? xxx