Saturday, 9 April 2011

Just a Sunny Day in York

Ok, so I was going to do this in two pots, but until Easter I haven't got alot of spare time. Sooo Im going to show you some (badly taken) photos of two of my new skirts. Both which are from H&M. Now, me and H&M either lvoe each otehr or hate each other. I go through stages of either loving everything in the shop, and buying quite a lot (like I have at the moment), or not liking anything in the shop, and even if I havent put on any weight or my body changing shape, nothing fits.

Im glad though at the moment that I am loving things in there- so many pretty summery clothes! A few weeks ago, I bought a maxi skirt which can be found here and its the 3rd skirt in. Now when I bought it, it was kinda tight, but at the moment I am following the Weight Watchers pro points plan, and its a bit looser now, which is a good sign!

This skirt has a lovely flowery pattern which I am obsessed with. I teamed it with a black vest top from River Island and a cropped cardigan from New Look to cover my awful arms.

The next skirt I got was also from H&M, and its also flowery. I did tell you I loved flower print haha!)

Its for an elastic waist so it does stretch (they both do actually, thinking about it) and is such a bright and summery outfit! The vest top is also from H&M for £3.99 (I think).

Whats going to be in your summer wardrobe?



Domzy said...

Really like both skirts but I think I'm leaning towards the shorter one. They both work really well for Spring and Summer.

emmabovary said...

Oh I'd totally love the pink skirt but in the longer form like the first! Very cute

Hi! Im Sophie said...

@Domzy- Yes I think I prefer the shorter one, I wear it with leggings at the moment as its still a little chilly, but as soon as it gets hotter Ill be wearing it bare leg :)

@emmabovary- thanks darling! Im sure H&M will do something like that, they did the shorter skirt in different patterns and colours, go and check it out :)