Tuesday, 7 December 2010

February 5th 2011

Whats special about that day you cry? No, its not the royal wedding, nor is it a bank holiday (even though we are due one I think!) Its something better than all of that...


Yes, thats right another bloggers meet. The last one was in July this year which I had the greatest pleasure of attending, even though I wasnt a blogger at the time. I tagged along with Steph for the weekend, and we had the most marvelous time. We both met some amazing beautiful people who we have all kept in contact with.

[The bloggers meet last year, sponsered by Simply Be! - Taken by Devon.]

This year Lauren who mainly started planning this one, amongst others (Im not too sure who else is helping out to sort it out, soorrrryyyy!) and its gonna be a bloody good day! Up to now the plan is to meet up and do a spot of shopping then a nice ol' lunch together then cocktailssss! :) I am so excited, its going to be fabulousss! Its in London, and as long as you can get there then you are invited! Its an open invite, so anyone can come... as long as you arent a freaky pervert. You will be pushed into the Thames straight away. Even if it is February and will be freezing ha! There is plenty of love for all people, short, tall, fat, skinny and everything else in between so get your self down there!

Stay tuned for further details...


p.s- did I mention that there may be a few freebies?! All the mroe reason to come down!

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Fat Nurse said...

I'm unable to make the Feb meet I'm afraid, hopefully it's good though!
I think the picture you've used in this post is mine (as I'm not in it, I assume I took it,) so could you just add a credit hun? Thanks <3
Devon x