Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Brrrrrr Its Cold Outside!

Helloooo, I havent blogged anything in a while. Been uber busy before Christmas with uni work and my exam and placement, but now got 2 well deserved weeks off.

I havent brought my phone wire home so until Christ day when I get my camera (soo excited for it!) I cant upload any pictures. Bought a few things recently, all I think in the sale or rather cheaply... been a bit of a copy cat and bought the same denim jacket today in New Look as Steph for a £5! I really couldnt turn it down, it will be fabulous for when the weather changes. Ill do a post on my other purchases on Boxing Day, well if I have brought them with me to take pictures of that is haha :)

I doubt I will do another post before the big day on Saturday, so I just wanted to say a very big...


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And to you my darlign! :D