Tuesday, 19 October 2010

OOTD: Saturday

So Friday afternoon, just getting in from a lovely day out with my friend Verity, and a parcel was on my doorstep... Wasn't exactly happy it was just left there like as anyone could have took it, but luckily I have lovely neighbours and it was there.
Here is what I ordered off Asos Sale:

Now I wasn't 100% sure on the teal velvet dress. On the model I thought (if I am completely honest) it looked a bit craply made. However when I got it, I dont think the picture does it justice. I was wrong, I think it looks fabulous! Here is me tryign it on for the first time:
I look awful on the pic, but I was in a slight rush and my friend just snapped it for me :)
I was worried about it not fitting me in the bsut department as I am rather largely chested. But I was again wrong with this dress, it fits perfectly there and its a lovely length. As Verity calls it 'a christmas dress' I think I will be wearign it for Christmas day unless I find another dress I like as much as this.

One word of advice though about this dress. The connected bit isnt all that stretchy. I got a size bigger than usual and fitted me perfectly. So if you don't want it really tight, then I would advise you getting it a bit bigger than usual :)
The other dress also fits lovely, but I haven't wore it out yet, I think I may wear it for uni tomorrow as it is lovely and warm!

What do you think? do you like it? Are you feeling the velvet and wearing it this season?

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Amy said...

You have just inspired me to order that velvet dress, I've been umming and ahhing over it for a while, but now I've seen it on you I definitely need it :) xx