Friday, 24 September 2010


So, today I had the most fabulous time in Leeds with Steph. Shes just started uni at Leeds Met so I thought I would be her first visitor! She met me at the station then walked to her Freshers Fair which she wanted to go to. Got loads of freebies, even though I am not technically a Leeds Met student ;) The most fabulous part of it was me and Steph both signed up for Basketball! Ok, I wont be going, but it was only because I had a tonne of freebies in my hand and couldn't exactly say I didn't live there haha! The free Dominos was amezzin' :) also got a free Sleek eye dust, its fabulous! Hopefully me and Steph will become make up ambassadors if we get picked :D

I visited her new pad which was hugeee, more or less the exact same layout as my student halls flat, but her room was bigger than mine. Her flat mates are larvlyyy.
Went into Leeds to do a stop of shopping, spent a huge fortune. My poor cards will not love me tomorrow when they all come through...

So off we went to Evans, as I REALLY want the giraffe jumper. However when I walked in me and Steph found the most beautiful coat, faux fur for £75. the sales girl was so lovely, obv looking for a sale like. I had hold of it all round the shop, rang my dad into sweet talking him to paying it for me, which worked... But I don't think I have the confidence to wear it yet. I adored it, it fitted perfectly and was so snuggly. However I had been looking at the Duffle coats for a long time on their website... When I turned up I noted Steph was wearing it in grey, and didn't want to be seen as copying her, but as she is a right sweety pie, she said she didn't care its only a coat. What a babe :)

In the end, I got the duffle coat in red, it is soo warm and comfy I ended up wearing it after we went to Nando's for lunch/dinner :) nommm it was lush :) I also purchased some fabulous knee length leather boots, meant to be £90 but I got them for £50, so they were a right bargain! They are like riding boots, but look distressed and fit around my calves perfectly as I always find boots can be a bit tight around them.
After spending a fortuneee in Evans, we mooched around, and ended up in H&M getting this lovely dress. It was £9.99 and I am going to wear it to placement tomorrow with my new boots :D In Harvey Nichols, Steph told me there was a MAC counter, and if you read this, then you will know I lurvee MAC. I also got a little lesson about foundation, as I have been finding that the face and body foundation was making my skin go a little shiny after a few hours of wearing it. It looked fab when she finished, so natural. I ended up buying the foundation and powder, lets hope I can get the look right too :) I dont want to take my makeup off tonight I love it so much haha :)

Anywho, I am so tired after a fab day, shame someone had to try and spoil it for me but hey ho, she has not succeeded.


xladx said...

YAY! I wish i could of come :(

I wish I could get the freebies tooooooo


Tried & Tested said...

Aw I wish you could have come too! We missed youuuu.

When we become these ambassadors Ill give you some freebies ;) xxxx