Wednesday, 15 September 2010

LaPocketRocket Give-a-way!

Ok, so I must apologise- I have been promising a blog for AGES, and I have been MIA. I have been so busy lately, Ive been on placement most days and then whenever I am free Ive been working on my essay that I have failed. But anywho...

A few weeks ago, Lauren did a birthday giveaway, featuring three dresses from Torrid clothing and 2 accessories packs. I applied for two of the dresses and the accessories packs, and just by some fabulous luck, I won one of the dresses! I was so happy, as I loved this dress. I lurveee bright clothes and flower print, and this dress has BOTH!

When it arrived, Lauren had put in a lovely little card which is now on my picture notice board :) Here is me in my dress, I wore it to go out for dinner with my friend, she said I looked really nice in it :) Its perfect, it has a net like top, making slight sleeves, then nips in at the waist emphasising my huge boobage. Got a little slip underneath as well, so if it rides up its all good, no flashing my bits!

I wore the dress with my short backed black cardigan from New Look which was £10, my gold fascinator headband which was £4 (I think!) leggings from H&M for £5.99 and my long necklace from Primark for £2.50. I even got a wolf whistle when I was waiting for my taxi haha!

Im planning on wearing it to my future cousin-in-laws 30th birthday party on Friday. Hopefully I shall be drinking plenty of them cocktails! So thank you Lauren, I love it lots and lots!


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