Monday, 30 August 2010


Now, I really really REALLY want some new boots for the winter- however everywhere I have went I haven't liked any of them that are out there. I did buy these from Evans, but when I got them home, I decided I wouldn't end up wearing them, so I took them back and swapped them for a pair of thick jeggings.

Now, I rather like these boots, but I am debating about them. What will I wear them with? Since they are brown, will they go with my huge supply of black leggings? Will they get around my huge calfs? Will they make my feet look huge, bigger than they already are?

Now, I am a student nurse. With little money. And since I am back on placement, I don't have time to go and do shifts for my job which is bank nursing. So my boot buying may have to wait. However I am hoping that by the time my placement comes to an end on the 1st October (ish!), that there will be new boots out there for me to buy. Both of these pairs are from Evans, so I can 99% be sure that the calf length boots will fit me with room to took my jeans in without giving it that 'bursting out of the boot' look. As this is not attractive. If I had the money, I would get these from UGG:

I found these on the Topshop website... I didn't know they were selling UGG boots! They don't have certain styles, but these ones are beautiful! They are £250, which is a lot, but my UGG boots were £200 with 10% off for student discount ;) When I win the lottery I'll buy lots of them!

However, if I win the lottery, Ill be heading to Selfridges and getting a few pairs of these Chloe boots:

Anyone else got any suggestions on new boots for this Autumn/ Winter?


StephanieDJL said...

Larv those Chloe boots! I want some UGGs ;( guess I best start saving...

Tried & Tested said...

I lurveee them too! My Uggs were from Office, they went up to an 8 there for my boat feet :'(

I want the new Uggs thoughhhhh... x