Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Une: All in One Mascara

Une All in One Mascara
Colour: AO3
Price: Free! or £9.99 for 10ml

I haven't blogged in a few days- been uber busy with work and stuff. Also, it was my nanna's 70th birthday today, so happy birthday to her!

About a week ago, I started to follow the beauty company Une on twitter. When I got back from the Blogger's meet in London, I had a message off them asking for my home address so they could send me a product. I received the product 3 days later, and it was their all in one mascara! I wasn't expecting to receive the shop size version of the mascara, I was expecting a tester size- so thank you Une!

I must admit, I have never used Une before, but boy, I think I have been missing out! The mascara makes my eye lashes really long, with plenty of volume which is fabulous, as I have quite short eyelashes. It has made my eyes look lovely with my eye lashes fanning out, making my eyes look huuuuge!

The mascara wand tip also bends when you put pressure on it, so you can get them small lashes in the corner of your eyes. the brush also doesnt clog up like some other mascaras I have used which is also fabulous.

The packaging and shape of the mascara is square which is different to otehr mascaras out there. the tube is also white, which gives it that natural, innocent feel, which I think is what the company is aiming for- the colours they sell arent really bright like others, such as MAC, Barry M, so the whole idea boils down to 'less is more!'

From what I have seen from this mascara, I think it is fabulous, I really do. The quality shines through from other mascaras which all say they make your lashes 'XXL' in length etc, but I never seem to get these huge long lashes that they insist that you will achieve. Today I managed to go out without my lashes of eyeliner, just wearing foundation and this mascara, and I felt great! Felt lovely not having to put layer after layer fo the mascara on just to make it look like I have lashes. This is also the first time that I have used brown mascara, as I have brown hair and eyes, so I usually go for black. But this brown mascara worked perfect with my dark eyes. Cant rave enough about it! Deffo getting 5* from me, will be purchasing the black mascara just as soon as I have paid this credit card off...


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StephanieDJL said...

oo it looks fab!

Ms Spoonful said...

Lookin' good! x


colourmebeautiful said...

hey ive just started a new blog, it would be great if you could check it out! http://colourmeinbeautiful.blogspot.com/

Tried & Tested said...

Steph & Ms Spoonful- Thank you haha! Ill have a look at your blog in a minute too :)

colourmebeautiful- Ill have a look at yours too in a minute!