Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Long timeeee.

Ive been a baaaaad blogger... Not blogged in like a week. Im still alive if anyone cared haha :) Just been extremely busy....

On Friday morning I got up (very) early and drove down to Northampton, where I was met by one of my babes of a friend Verity and we trained it into Landaaaaan! :D We went to the Natural History Museum which was amazing, I love looking around it. We missed a bit out as we were running out of time as we wanted to hunt down hummingbirds bakery, and we did!

The cakes in there were amazing! When I move to London they will be my monthly treat- anything much more and I think I would end up like a huge round ball, not good! We also did the rountine shop of Oxford Street, bought some cute PJ's, some shoes and a dress which I sadly had to take back. Also got another high waisted skirt and a really pretty top from H&M, like a dress but has holes in it... Sounds awful but here is a picture of it, I think its really pretty :)

We then did something which I was slightly scared off- ate at a restaurant down the street me and Steph and Ladell went to when we went to the LDN meet and saw the ladies eating out of the bin. That scared the shit out of me, so I thought I would brave it. I know it probably wasn't there fault, but was still very scary. Met a lovely old Scottish couple who thought I was a LDN local ;) made my day ha!

The next day we drove back to York and I basically went through all the rubbish in my room at uni, getting ready to pack when I move in on Thursday :) Had work the next day all day so was extremely tired. I was also at work allll day yesterday, including an hours drive either way to actually get to work, so I was extremely tired last night.

My exciting news though is that we got our new flat keys earlier than we thought so we can move in sooner! I am so excited, I mean our flat was nice at uni, but it was sooo hot in the bloody place, and my ceiling is falling down on me slowly, so nice to be out of the mayhem ha! My next proper post will probably be wrote in my new flat at the weekend, however on Monday I am back at uni on placement, so will hardly be online... so if it takes a bit for a post, then you know why :)
Anywho, I am off to town to look for some nice pictures to go in my new room as its a bit plain at the moment, with ALL the flat walls being white- he could have painted them a nice magnolia, not bright white. Oh well...




xladx said...

congrats on eating at that restaurant! so flat party at urs then ;)


Shannon ♥ said...

That cupcake looks yummy! :)

Tried & Tested said...

Ha I ate at Bella Italia which was over the road from Pizza hut. I felt so brave :D

Yessss, come over deffo! :D

-Shannon, it was. However it took me two days to eat- it was all solid chocolate! xxx