Sunday, 29 August 2010

Hair today, gone tomorrow...

Ok, so this is the quickest post in the entire world. Me and my friend dyed my hair last night... For the bloggers who met me/know me, my hair is usually medium/light brown. It is now 'Mahogany glow', and for me its quite dark! (Excuse the poor quality, I havent got my phone lead here and my webcam is rather poo.)

I do like it though, and it was a right bargain. Went into Boots and it was on offer, 2 for £7.50, which is cheap for 2 bottles of hair dye. However, when I got to the till, it can't have been put in the system properly as it was coming up £1.20 each! Being the nice customer I am, I said that cant't be right, but as it was in the system as that, she had to sell me at that price! The conditioner smelt amazingggg, and was easy peasy to put on. The dye was Shwartzkopf XXL unlimited gloss and I must say it was the best dye Ive had on my hair. Still soft today and smells amazzzzingggggg.

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