Sunday, 28 October 2012

Its been a while...

Hey guys :)

Quite a bit has happened the past few months, which has taken priority over everything else, so sorry I've not been around. I have hardly been online on an actual laptop, and haven't had any money really to buy new clothes etc. So, thought I would fill you in on my life from the past few months...

I have now finished uni however, so I am now officially a registered nurse (learning disability)! I had a few problems towards the end of my course, which is my own fault as I felt too embarrassed to ask for help. Stupid, I know, but after a meeting with my mentors and personal supervisor from uni, I pulled it around and able to complete my course. So one of the things I did learn from uni was to ask for help. No one sees it as a weakness or that you are stupid, and dont judge you for it. I learned the hard way by struggling for a year, but you know what? I am glad I asked for help :)

I have also moved back home to Stockton on Tees from York, which has been really nice, but a lot of my friends are either still at uni or have moved away or still in York, so I am a little bit of a billy no mates at the moment! When I started uni, I kept saying I wasn't going to move home, that I was going to move to somewhere amazing etc, but I realised towards the end of my second year that I wanted to come home. I missed not being right close with my friends and family, even though York is only an hour away. Home is where the heart is, after all :) So for now, I am back with my lovely papa whilst I pay off some of my student debts and save for my own place. As much as I love being with my papa, I have lived on my own for the past 3 years, and miss having a lovely double bed!

I have been VERY lucky in today's climate and got myself a job straight away after finishing university. I did have to wait for roughly 3 weeks after finishing uni (which was VERY boring) for my CRB paperwork to come through, but about 2 weeks ago, I got a phone call from my new job saying I could start on the Thursday! My job is at a medium secure hospital about 10-15 minutes away from home, and I have loved it so far. I work longgggg days, which work out inc. break as a 12.25 hour shifts, but I get an hour break so its not too bad, and I only work 3/4 days a week which is a full time wage, so can't complain! The team are fantastic that work there, and learning from my mistakes at university, I am asking plenty of questions already :)

So, as you can see, I have had a busy few months! I have either been bought or I have bought a couple of items of clothing, which I have some pictures of and will blog over the next week. I have a day off on Tuesday, so should (hopefully!) be able to blog then :)

So, what else has everyone been up to? I want to hear allllll the goss!


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