Friday, 13 July 2012

Possibly The World's Worst Blogger...

My oh my! I seem to have gained a few followers even though I havent blogged in FOREVER. I must apologise, as I do feel so very bad about not blogging and you lovely followers following me with no reading material. My life for the past few months have been a bit crazy. Had a few issues with my uni work (CANNOT WAIT FOR SEPTEMBER TO LEAVE THANK THE LAWD) but hopefully it should be sorted now (or it will be by end of August). Im slowly getting my life back in order, looking forward to the future where I will (hopefully!) have a staff nurse job.


As most of you will have seen/been to/written about, this post is about PLUS NORTH <3. I would just like to start by thanking Becky and Toni. The event was a HUGE success and loved every second of it. I got to meet some old faces and new faces which was just brilliant, got to watch some very brave and beautiful girls catwalking some fabulous clothes, and most importantly, I ate ALOT OF CAKE. Who ever made them, well... I need their number, they can cook for me all the time.

So, here is what I wore to the event, picture taken by my babe of a friend, Steph:

Dress- F&F @ Tesco, Leggings- New Look, Wedges- New Look, Bag- Mulberry
The building was just spectacular, done out in such pretty colours! Now, I made a bit of a blogger booboo. I didn't charge my camera the night before, huge FAIL. So, my pics are all of the Iphone, or may have nicked them off Steph's Iphone like ^ one. So, instead of boring you with what you will probably have already heard from other bloggers, here is a few snaps I took. There isn't many, I apologise!
Steph looking beautiful as always ;)

Laura from What Laura Loves, Rosie (FINALY MET YOU!) from A Rose Like This & Steph from Buttons, Bows and Brogues
Excite Clothing, my favourite at the event
Excite Clothing
Beuatiful Aspire Building
Steph looking at Simply Be

The Mighty Boof photo booth, AMAZING!

 So yes, an amazing afternoon with some fabulous ladies (you know who you are ;)), cake, drinks and fashion- what more could a girl want!


P.S- I would like to thank all of the sponsor's that came to the event- you were all lovely and glad to have met you :)


MissAmySimon said...

SUCH BABES. I'm gutted I missed it. I heard it was such a fun day x

Hi! Im Sophie said...

It was amazing, such a good day :) Im in London for the day soon, we should meet for a drink, not seen you in AGESSSSS! :( xxx

Danielle Rose said...

Was lovely to meet you hun. xxx

Hi! Im Sophie said...

lovely to meet you too babes! Deffo have to meet up again soon :) xxx