Saturday, 10 March 2012

Rimmel London: Lash Accelerator

Hey guys!

Sorry I've been a little MIA recently, I have had A LOT of uni work and paid work to crack on with. Today is a dissertation writing day, but I am yet to start writing... Bit of procrastinating has never hurt anyone, has it ;)

So, On Monday I was doing my usual shop around Morrisons, when I decided to have a little stop at the make up counter. Now, there is only Rimmel and Maybeline Counters at my Morrisons, don't know about other stores. I have been needing a new mascara for a while, and usually get Topshop's mascara as I love that, but I haven't been able to nip in to the city centre for a while. I decided to purchase Rimmels Lash Accelerator mascara on a bit of a whim; I haven't heard anyone review it (I haven't really looked to be honest!) and hadn't heard of it. But boy, I am glad I did!

Now before I rave about it (which I am going to do), I have a slight problem with it. I find it a little sloppy and usually end up with a few dots of mascara above my eye. But it is easy to wipe away, so I don't see it as that much of a problem.

But anyway...

Its USP I guess is the writing underneath the name: 

'Mascara with grow-lash complex'

Now, I have quite short awful stubby lashes, and like a good lengthening mascara, and this one has not disappointed. A few coats of the stuff and my lashes look fab! :)

Without mascara

With mascara

Ignore my foundation lips; I hadn't sorted my lips out ha!

So, as you can see, I'm well chuffed with my new mascara. Its £8.99 for 7ml too.

Have you guys bought any beauty bargains recently? 


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