Sunday, 5 February 2012

Soap & Glory :)


So, yesterday I went on a little shopping trip with my bbf Verity, and as I have little money, I bought a few cheap beauty things to have a lovely night in with.

Now, Ive not used a lot of Soap and Glory products before, purely because I am boring and always seem to stick to the same things. But we had a good look round Boots and saw that the Soap and Glory products are 3 for 2 at the moment. As I didn't want to buy a big bottle something I may not like, I decided to get a couple of small travel sized pots to try.

Soap and Glory 'The Righteous Butter'

Soap and Glory 'Scrub 'em & Leave 'em Body Buff'
So, I have tried them both last night and cannot rate them ENOUGH. Literally amazing. The body scrub smells divine, and the scent has been left on my skin, regardless of rinsing it all off. The texture feels lovely against the skin, with the Babassu oil and Sea salt doing its magic.

Once rinsed, my skin has never felt so soft to touch, as well as the amazing smell. The pot is 50ml and was roughly £2.35, but once I get paid I will be getting the big pot, deffo converted!

So, once I got out of the bath, I used the body butter. To be honest, I did really really like it, but I found it a little thick for my liking. It smells amazing, reminds me slightly of sun cream, that lovely fresh smell. Now it has sank in to my skin, it has left my skin soft and smelling lush, I guess its just whilst applying it, it felt a little thick.

Overall, I am very happy with my purchase, feel lovely and soft and smell divine :) I would recommend it to you all 100% :)

Do you have any Soap and Glory products that you would recommend?


Eight For A Wish said...

I have the Righteous Butter and it is AMAZING :D I also have a body scrub from them called Pulp Friction (I think, it's in the bathroom and I cba to get up, lol.) But it foams ever so slightly and is lovely, really works too :D

Devon xx

Hi! Im Sophie said...

yeahhh I do like it, Ive grown to love it more I use it :) oo sounds good that, may have to give it a whirl! Do they do little pots to try? xxx