Monday, 12 December 2011

Vivo make up range

Hi dolls :)

So, tonight I was doing my shopping in Tesco as you do on a rainy, miserable Monday night, I was having a quick nosey in the make up section. When all of a sudden I saw a 3 for 2 offer which my eyes are trained to pick up.

I haven't seen this make up range before, and to be hoenst, I was pretty impressed. Vivo, being 'benchmarked as the M.A.C of supermarket make up brands' has a range of make up products, all priced between £1.50 and £6. Reasonably priced? Yup, I thought so.
the 3 products

Ok, so I didnt try them all out, but I had a little test of the eye shadows (priced £1.50) and I only liked a few of the colours, as Im not that brave when it comes to eye shadows. The shimmery shadows went on really well to my hand, easy to blend and can use little or as much as you like. Now, Im yet to use the one I purchased onto my actual face, but as far as I can see, for the price and size, they are really good.

Pale Gold shadow
On my hand
I also purchased the natural night fake eyelashes (£3 I think). Now, I love eyelashes as mine are stubby awful things, but Im rubbish at putting them on, but these look like they are the perfect size (normally I have to faff about cutting them to fit my eyes) and are not too long, like some on the market. Ill be trying these out tomorrow, so I shall post a pic up tomorrow what they look like.

The last thing I purchased on the 3 for 2 offer is a lip stick in 'Coral Flair' (£1.99 I think). Now this, I love. The colour is dab, not being too bright for day time, but you could wear it for a glam night out with the girlies. Application is really easy, and doesnt smudge when applying. When on my actual lips, I did find that it may rub off quite easily, but for £1.99, who can complain?!

Coral Flair
On my lips- excuse the red upper lip, Ive got a cold and
chest infection and I look awful.
 So, my overall verdit? If you are a bit strapped for cash or want to try a new look, then go for it, deffinately can't go wrong for the price, especially whilst they are 3 for 2 in Tesco!



Eri said...

Hi there,

Great blog! I am glad I came across it.

Please come and visit my fashion blog
Pretty Portobello

Hope to see you soon.

nurseybeau said...

oh hi there!!!!
your back!!!!!
i myself have tried the vivo eyebrow kit and was impressed ! :)
see you letter hot stuff

Hi! Im Sophie said...

@Eri- Hi there, thanks for reading! :)I shall have a look at yours now x

@verity- hey sexy gurrrrllll! Its good isnt it, especially for the price of it :)see you LETTER babes haha xxxxx

.x.Sarah.x. said...

I haven't tried Vivo yet but I need to give that gold eye shadow a go it looks so pretty!

That lipstick looks lovely on you too btw :) xx

Hi! Im Sophie said...

Aw thank you Sarah :) yes, deffo try it, I think the eye shadow is lovely on. Ive worn it a few times now and just gives a lovely shimmery effect :) xxx