Monday, 12 December 2011

Honey, Im Homeeee!

Hey dolls!

Oh lordy, I havent blogged in over 4 months, I literally have been so busy with uni work and my personal life, its cray cray! I did also lose a bit of my blogging buzz I got from when you lovely bloggers would read and comment... Nothing to do with you beautiful bloggers, just a personal thing. I have however, been missing it recently, but I must admit I havent bought a huge amount of stuff, due to money situation.

Anyway, enough of me rambling. I am back biatches. I literally have one essay (which I am doing now) to complete before my Christmas vay-cay and Ill be blogging about my usual ramblings.

Thats if you want me back?

As I am rubbish, and didnt complete the give away, Ill be doing a blog give away for just after Christmas, which will contain little beauty finds and things I cant live without, so you can tell me and you other beautiful bloggers about what you think of them :)

Tomorrow I will do a post about the give away in more detail, including the prizes :)

So, until tomorrow my little chicas, au reviour!


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