Friday, 1 July 2011

Happy Birthday!

Hey dolls!

I hope you are all well :) Its nearly time for my summer break, I am SO excited! Training to be a nurse means we don't get the same length of holidays like everyone else at university- we only have 3 weeks off this summer, then a week in September. Got lots planned for it, so it should be a good one!

Anywho, back to the point at hand. On 26th July 2011, my blog will be 1 year old! I cannot believe it, I never thought I would stick it out that long. But I have made some amazing friends since starting this, and been to some amazing events all thanks to my best bub Steph. So thank you!

I thought since it was my blogs birthday then, I would do a little competition. (Ive always wanted to do one, make me feel dead special haha) I am going out to buy it tomorrow when I am town, and will do another blog post tomorrow with the pictures of what it is. It will be something for everyone, and will be makeup/fashion items, sooooooooo...

If you want to be in with the chance of winning the prizes, please comment below! You can either comment this post or the next post that I will be doing tomorrow, both will count. However it is one blog comment per person for entry.
If you want to enter again, then you can tweet it to all your amazing followers on there, using the phrase

"Ive just entered @SophieMarie_90 blog birthday giveaway! Go and check it out at"

And put it in your blog entry, so it will count as an extra entry for you, just means more chance of winning :)
To be able to enter, you must be a follower of my blog via google connect. New or old follower, I dont mind. Also, must be within the EU, I shall find the cost of p+p tomorrow for other countries so will have more of a concrete answer to where the prize will be going :) I will be using to generate the winner as well, no favouritism here! ;)
So thank you everyone for entering, and good luck!


Hi! Im Sophie said...

It wont let me change the typo error, it should read :) xxx

Florence said...

Enter me!

lorence_f [at]

awesome blog, followed ya

visit me!

Anonymous said...

cute blog!
Please visit my blog, would be an honour
It's fashion damnit

Temporary:Secretary said...

Happy birthday! :)

Becky said...

hey x) I just found your lovely blog and saw that you're holding a giveaway, the fact that we don't know yet what exactly it'll be, is fun^^ I'll enter xD

If you want to enter mine, feel free to do so x)