Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Naughty Naughty...

Gahhhh, I am a rubbish blogger. I haven't blogged in agesssss and I didnt even do a Plus London post, which I should have done, to show my appreciation to Lauren and the companies that were sponsoring us/taking part in. I am so sorry, and to make up for it, here are all the companies:


So yes, on the 5th February myself, Steph and her friend headed down to London Town to attend the Plus London Bloggers Event. Girls from all over the country AND Europe attended, and I met up with some faaaabulous girls. Some old (I.E Kat) and some lovely new ones (Naomi and Amy, I love you two!) We all headed down to Evans where we had a bit of a mooch around, and then all headed to Primark. Now I love Primark like any other girl/student/cheap skate, but the Oxford Circus one pisses me off. ONE set of changing rooms for like 4048572 people and a really rude sales assistant. Anyway, (im trying to keep this short) we went mooching through other shops and then headed towards the meeting point.

Taken By Kirsty

After chatting there for a while, we split up for a while, and we headed to the Slug and Lettuce which had DIRE service. Literally wanted to hit the man. Me and Steph then headed back to her friends house where we got changed and then headed towards The Strand Art Gallery for the evening Do. We did get lost of course, but who doesnt get lost in LDN? Saw some fabulous clothes and people again, including some people who couldn't make it to the day part. Overall, an AMAZING success!

Just think, it all started with Me, Lauren, Kat and Steph chatting about it on twitter :)

Ok, so thats my brief LDN post. Since London, I havent really done alot. Ive had alot of work to do for uni, trying to find the right balance between Uni/Placement/having a life. I did however start Weight Watchers with my friend Verity, and tonights the second weigh in. I lose 3lbs last week which is kind of annoying as I was really good, but as we have now started to go swimming I'm hoping it will be more tonight.
So yeah, Im sorry its brief, but I thought I should update you all. Ill be doing a post either tonight or tomorrow after visiting my client on S/S'11 trends, which is for a project by some lovely girls :)



Laura said...

I love your blog - i've just become a follower :)

Im new to the blogging world and would appreciate someone like you following my blog

- CupcakesCocktailsCouture


Sophie said...

Hiya Laura, thanks for following! :D Means alot that you love it :)

I'll deffo have a look at your blog now xxx

Carla said...

My name is Carla Manso, I'm a brazilian plus size columnist for an important local internet portal - you can reach me at http://colunistas.ig.com.br/fatshion/

Next semester I'm planning my first trip to London and would really like meet you. Do you, by any chance, happen to have a meeting scheduled for that period? Or even if you don't, maybe we can try to meet each other, I'm looking foward to see you :)

Hope it all works out!!


Carla Manso

Sophie said...

Hi Carla! :) sorry its took a while to reply, I havent been on here much got loads of uni work to do!
Im really sorry but I dont actually live in London, but I am going to London for a weekend with a friend. We havent planned it yet so I dont know when it is. If I am there when you are, I'll let you know :)
Thanks for checking out my blog!