Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Snot today, gone tomorrow...

Hi guys! :))

I hope you are all well, and I apologise lotsssss and lotsssss as I havent posted anything since last week. I have been full of flu and tonsilitus for the past week and trying to shift is a.s.a.p for the Plus London event on Saturday in London! I am SO excited like you wouldn't believe. Can't wait to see my lovely girlies and go shopping and dancing on the night!

... No idea what to wear STILL though, I am gonna be a hot mess I bet ;(

But yess back to the point. I haven't worn anything amazing this week or anything, and saving my money for London so I havent tempted myself with internet shopping. I have however finished 'Room' for the book club on Gemma's blog, so I am looking forward to havign a good discussion about it!

Anywho, I shall leave you with my favourite picture from the last bloggers meet- its myself, Ladell and Steph on a London bus! :)


p.s- now on 28 followers, woooooop! This makes me VERY happy, thank you so much for following! x


xladx said...

ermm you know have 34 :D Gutted I missed the event but glad everyone had fun!!! xxxx

Sophie said...

I knowww, :D it shot up to 34 after the bloggers weekend. We all missed you, we were actually talking about it, saying we wished you could have made it :(

meet sooooon! xxxxx

Danielle Rose said...

Hi just found your blog and love it. im new to blogging and its geart to see fashion blogs that aren't all about expensive designers.


Sophie said...

Hi Danielle Rose :) aw thank you darling, that means alot :) Im a student so there is no way I could afford designer gear LOL...

I shall have a look at yours now :) good luck with your new blog