Saturday, 27 November 2010

Appy Feet :)

So, as all my lovely friends had their fam's visiting them at uni today in ye old snowy York, I decided to go into town for a wonder. Me and my beautiful friend Verity has been promising me to go and visit Appy Feet for a while, but shes soooo busy! So I thought bugger it, Im gonna go and have my feet nibbled at!

It was as you can imagine sooo busy due to all the tourists and locals cramming to get everything in for Christmas, and so was this shop. The sales assistant was lovely, so helpful. Most people go in pairs but I was the fabulous singleton so she could fit me in straight away.

You have to fill out a form to see if you have any skin conditions because of course, the little fishes are gonna be eating it, dont want to hurt them now!

Theres a place at the back of the store to place your bags and coats, then you have to wash your feet in the foot shower, before placing on some crocs to walk over to your tank. (I tried to get a picture of this but the girl already thought I was a nutter for going into a pamper thing on my own with no friends, oh well!)

You have to enter your feet at the same time, not sure why, but I am not joking, it is the most wierdest sensation ever getting your feet nibbled at. Its not even like a biting feeling, it just tickles alot. Especially if you have ticklish feet like I do.

15 minutes is £10 which I didnt think was bad, especially as them little fishes did my feet the world of good, the results are fabulous. My feet were vile from running around all the time on shifts at the hospital etc, and my big toes were vile, but now there is no hard skin there at all! It did feel wierd when they nibbled at your legs like...

They also do a 35 minute session for £20 which is cheaper but I dont think I could sit there for 35 minutes. It felt ok once you got used to it, but I couldnt sit for much longer. According to their website (link here), they also do hand sessions, £5 for 5 minutes or £10 for 15 minutes. To be hoenst I dont see why you would need your hands doing unless you are working with your hands and they are really rough, but on the website the 'celebs' seem to go for that at the openings of the store.

So, if I was you, go and have a go! Treat your mum to a spa session, if anything, you will have a giggle!



xladx said...

I offered to take my mum to this when I am back for xmas and she decline....oh well, her loss :) xxx

Sophie said...

its amazingggg! You should deffo go. I went on my own, fuck it looking like a saddo haha. It was nice :) xxx