Thursday, 29 July 2010

Nail Varnish
Colour: Cloud
Price: £5 for 8ml.

As I mentioned on my previous post, I am a sucker for pretty packaging. This one is different to what I have seen anywhere else, as either you got no box (such as Barry M, which I lurveee) or a box completely around it (such as MAC, Chanel... expensive but lurveee them too!). This box is only around the glass which is different, and I guess its an eco thing, not using as much card. Also, its cut out so you can still see what the colour is like, instead of having one of them stickers on them to show you what it looks like. Also, if the box completely covered the product, you wouldn't be able to see the pretty pattern on the brush! :) (I dont actually have the proper box around the nail varnish I bought- you see, I bought it before I went to London and I didn't know I was going to write this blog then, so didn't think of keeping it! :/. The pic below is the exact same box 'cept its around some other colour, but you get the drift. Link for picture is here.

Tbh, I am quite surprised at how GOOD the nail varnish is! I was expecting it be either too watery or too gloopy as some shop own brands nail varnish is. This one is relatively thick (not too thick obv!) and goes on to your nails with a lot of ease. I have just stopped biting my nails so they are still quite short, but even then it goes on well without it going everywhere. I had my toe nails painted in the 'cloud' colour whilst I was in London, and wore gladiators the whole time I was there and I didn't chip is once. We walked a hell of a lot as well which is good. Steph loves it too- she sat and painted her nails in Hyde Park on the Sunday :)

I would paint your nails with two coats though, as this makes it look proper grey, and not just a thin layer. (Erghh, thats the scutty Stockton in me coming out- 'proper'. Barf.)

Chip resistance is also fabulous on your finger nails too. I tend to chip nails a day after painting them, sometimes even the same day which is uber annoying. I had it on the whole time I was in London, and I didnt chip it once. The amount of shopping and carrying things, you would have though that the ends of my nails woud be slightly chipped. But no, its amazing.

Here, you getwhat you pay for. Its not uber cheap, nor really expensive at a fiver a pop, (Barry M is £2.95 ((I think!)) sometimes two for a fiver) but it is fabulous, with quite a few different shades to pick from. I rate it the full 5*, so go and get it whilst you can, its only in for this season!


NEXT TIME: Santuary 5 minute Thermol Detox Mask (free trial off 'of Cosmo! :))


Shannon said...

Ooo Thanks for the review (:

Tried & Tested said...

No problem Shannon, hoped it helped!