Saturday, 1 February 2014

Best Beauty Buy *1

Hey guys!

How is your weekend going? Ive spent the day looking round hardware stores, looking for bits and pieces for my new home :) currently getting the new bathroom fitted, so looking for tiles. Spent 3 hours today looking at different tiles, but finally narrowed it all down! I'm off to Leeds tomorrow to visit my bb Steph for the night, so makes up for today.

I thought I would start doing a best beauty buy weekly update, just on items that I have been buying and loving.

Todays first BBB is the Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation (£5.99 in most stores). I usually use Esteé Lauder Double Wear Foundation, but saw this one when I went to London a few weeks ago, and thought I would give this a go. OH MY GOD I LOVE IT. I don't get as shiny with this as I sometimes do wearing the Double Wear, plus it lasts me all day at work for a fraction of the price tag! Its also to remove on a night time, which is perfect when all you want to do when you go to bed. What more could a girl want?!


Thursday, 23 January 2014

Simply Be- Bespoke

I firstly would like to apologise to Simply Be and Kelly Ward- I was meant to post this a week or so ago, and I just have not had time and had a few things on at the moment, but I guess its better late than never! :)

Hello everyone :)

Just thought I would share with you some fabulous shoes that I was sent to review a while ago. I was approached by Simply Be to review a pair of shoes that I would wear on New Years Eve/ Party season. Now, obviously it has passed party season, but as I have already stated, life has got in the way of things so I am a little behind! 

If you haven't heard of Simply Be, then if you are plus sized you are CRAYYZEEE. Simply Be are one of the biggest brands in the plus sized fashion world, specialising in sizes 14-32. In the past few years, Simply Be have gone from being a parcel post service, to opening 9 stores across the country. I am uber lucky as there is one 10 minutes away from my home, so I am always popping in, and end up coming out with a bargain or three!

So, when receiving the heels, I did fall a little bit in love with them. I love a sling back style, as I have one foot slightly smaller than the other and do sometimes end up with my foot sliding out of the shoe. However, with these babies, I had no issue with that, especially as you can tighten or loosen them with the buckle. The yellow is a little on the bright side to what I would usually wear on my feet, however they do give them an edge and gave a bit of colour to my outfit. 

I forgot to mention I m rubbish at heels. Wedges- yes. Flatforms- my best friend. But heels are usually a no go for me as I end up looking like I have a broom inserted somewhere- not a good look! Usually, its because the balls of my feet are at such an angle, it causes my feet to hurt. However, these heels have an inch heel at the front, giving my tootsies a little rest and not as much pressure on my feet. Win win, I would say!

I have teamed my shoes with a dress from Asos Curve, bought a while ago, so don't remember how much it is. Its a staple for me when I am in need of doing a work to dinner out after work outfit- plus being a nurse I need to wear something smart for work, so usually team it with my kimono from H&M.

So, overall, I love them. Converted me to not always wearing wedges on nights out and special occasions. The comfort from the sole of the shoe also helps you to walk well and is always an added bonus. Would I buy any heels from these guys? Of course, but then again, I would say 60% of my wardrobe is already from Simply Be- so where is my credit card? Lets go shopping!

Link to shoes

:) x

Life goes on...

Hello all :)

Its been almost a year since I wrote my last blog post. Not gonna lie, I fell out of love with blogging. I haven't read a blog post since then neither, apart from a couple of my favourite blogs (here, here and here) which I follow on twitter, so whenever a link was posted I would read. I guess when I started to blog (2010 I think, should really remember this!) the plus size community wasn't that big, and I attended an event in London and met a load of really cool ladies, most of which I still keep in contact with now. I loved helping Lauren set up Plus North; amongst many other fabulous people, and we had a hoot of a time- but since it has kinda exploded and is a huge thing now (hello, its actually recognised at LFW!!) and loads of people have jumped on the band wagon, it kinda threw me. When you found a new blog, it was really exciting, seeing what other people liked and disliked etc- but a load of people I was reading were basically begging for free stuff. Thats not cool. Its kinda sad.

If companies and lovely PR people wish to send you items to review (co-incidently Ive had two approach me the past month, even though I haven't been blogging) then its a privilege, not an automatic thing for you to get. Now I am not slagging people off who get items to review in case anyone reads it like that- its people who think they should get stuff for writing a few lines and thats it.  When I started to blog, it was about making friends in a fabulous community who didn't judge, nor did they expect anything and stupid politics weren't brought up into it.

So anyway, thats my whinging over with haha! I am back. Over the next week or so I may change a few things on here (even though I am rubbish at any computer coding etc, especially since I haven't learned all the different codes for my mac D: ) but I will get there. I will also be posting regularly, starting with a lovely pair of heels I was sent by the fabulous people over at Simply Be, but it will be around my work and personal life. Originally, I started the blog just to review fashion and beauty items that I had heard about or purchased, but I think its going to be about everything. My life, my loves, my passions.

So hop on, get a drink and a biscuit (or two), and jump on the ride.
Enjoy x

P.S- when I got my new phone, I lost my twitter log in etc and due to my old email being linked to it and that being hacked, I created a new twitter. Its Sophie_Marie22, so please go and follow! :)

Monday, 25 February 2013

Graze love ♥

Hey guys!

Sorry I havent blogged in a while, but with working full time and having a list to do on my days off, I don't usually get much free time.

I will do a proper post on Graze on Friday (the start of my TWELVE days off, woo!) but in case anyone knows about Graze already and wants to sample it, I have a code for a free box for you all!

The code you need is XM7RKK6 for your free box! Just click here and it will take you to it.

Im off to the gym now, woo!


Sunday, 13 January 2013

Graze-ful delight!

Hiyaa my lovely people!

Hope you are enjoying your Sunday- mine is going to be pretty laid back... haven't actually left my bed yet, whoops!

This is only a quick post, I keep meaning to do a January sales blog post... I will get round to it, just had a couple of horrendous weeks at work, but on training now so finish work at a reasonable time and will have time to do it one night this week :)

I just wanted to share a code with you that I used this morning for Graze- a healthy snack delivery company that deliver right to your door. I found this code on a leaflet in Glamour magazine, for a free box, so snapped it up!

When I actually put the code in on the website, you actually get the first and fifth box free, which is pretty good!

So, if you want to see what its like, like moi, then just go to then enter the code GLAMOUROFFER. When there, you just pick the foods you like/bin/ like to try and they send you a mix in the post!

Ill let you all know what I get when it arrives! :)


Friday, 4 January 2013


Hey guyssss!

How are you all? Hope you are well.

So, the other day, I said I was going to make a new tumblr for weight loss inspiration and tips. I have actually done it before I forgot to do so, woo!

Ive only just created it, and haven't used tumblr for YEARS, so any help or knowledge around it would be great.

If you want to follow me, its :)

big loveeee to you all xox

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Year; New Me.

Hi all!

First of all, I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year! Did you all do something fun; whether that being staying in with friends, going on holiday or a crazy night out? I had a lovely NYE; spending it at Steph's flat in Leeds with her housemate, Aine.

We had such a chilled night, and literally ate shit loads of crap and takeaway. The original plan was to watch a load of DVD's and just chill, but we only ended up watching a couple of episodes of Will and Grace before we turned them off and had a reeeeeally long chat about the past 12 months. Was more like a counselling session, but it was so nice. Had such a giggle chatting about things we have done, what we have achieved or haven't achieved, best point of 2012 and worst point of 2012. We also looked forward, about what we wanted to achieve over the next 12 months, and what our resolutions would be for the new year. We also played 'snaps'. Now, Ive heard of it, but Aine had played it when she went and worked at a summer camp in the USA this year. I apologise if there is any Americans that read this, but ohmygaaaad its just pure cheese. We wet ourselves laughing at the game, at how hilarious it  is!

Now, I always seem to make new year resolutions, but rarely stick to them. My resolutions for last year were:

to lose weight - I did lose one and a half stone at the start of the year, but Ive put it back on a little bit more... FAIL.
to finish uni and register as a nurse - I actually did this, so DONE.
to pay off my student debts - aha... this makes me laugh. FAIL.
to live life a bit more - I went on a 18-30 holiday, did water sports which I never thought I'd do. Went to loads of new places, so I'm saying HALF DONE.
to take up a new hobby - FAIL.

Last night, we all wrote down what our goals and resolutions were for this year. I know loads of people think 'Whats the point, I only ever fail it'... and I did read a statistic that 92% of people fail their resolute in the first week of the new year, but you know what? Its ONE week out of FIFTY THREE weeks. If you fail, just brush yourself down, have a little cry, eat some food, then jump back on it. This year, I am determined to succeed at my goals, and I am going to be a bit more specific...

Goals for 2013:
To move into my own flat, and get my independence back from university days.
To lose 5 stone by November 25th, 2013 (my birthday!).
To carry on developing my skills as a nurse, and my confidence to say I CAN DO THIS.
To go travelling more; whether that be explore Wales, Devon or another country altogether.
To be the bigger person and sort family issues out.
To be more adventurous.

I AM going to achieve these, I am determined to. I am sick of being the fatty in my group of friends, and having clothes that could be used as a tent. I need some inspiration, so I think I am going to create another tumblr page on my Friday to use as a fitness and healthy eating inspiration, once Ive done it Ill send out the link so if you are needing inspiration this year, we can all do it together.

So come on, who is with me?!