Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Year; New Me.

Hi all!

First of all, I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year! Did you all do something fun; whether that being staying in with friends, going on holiday or a crazy night out? I had a lovely NYE; spending it at Steph's flat in Leeds with her housemate, Aine.

We had such a chilled night, and literally ate shit loads of crap and takeaway. The original plan was to watch a load of DVD's and just chill, but we only ended up watching a couple of episodes of Will and Grace before we turned them off and had a reeeeeally long chat about the past 12 months. Was more like a counselling session, but it was so nice. Had such a giggle chatting about things we have done, what we have achieved or haven't achieved, best point of 2012 and worst point of 2012. We also looked forward, about what we wanted to achieve over the next 12 months, and what our resolutions would be for the new year. We also played 'snaps'. Now, Ive heard of it, but Aine had played it when she went and worked at a summer camp in the USA this year. I apologise if there is any Americans that read this, but ohmygaaaad its just pure cheese. We wet ourselves laughing at the game, at how hilarious it  is!

Now, I always seem to make new year resolutions, but rarely stick to them. My resolutions for last year were:

to lose weight - I did lose one and a half stone at the start of the year, but Ive put it back on a little bit more... FAIL.
to finish uni and register as a nurse - I actually did this, so DONE.
to pay off my student debts - aha... this makes me laugh. FAIL.
to live life a bit more - I went on a 18-30 holiday, did water sports which I never thought I'd do. Went to loads of new places, so I'm saying HALF DONE.
to take up a new hobby - FAIL.

Last night, we all wrote down what our goals and resolutions were for this year. I know loads of people think 'Whats the point, I only ever fail it'... and I did read a statistic that 92% of people fail their resolute in the first week of the new year, but you know what? Its ONE week out of FIFTY THREE weeks. If you fail, just brush yourself down, have a little cry, eat some food, then jump back on it. This year, I am determined to succeed at my goals, and I am going to be a bit more specific...

Goals for 2013:
To move into my own flat, and get my independence back from university days.
To lose 5 stone by November 25th, 2013 (my birthday!).
To carry on developing my skills as a nurse, and my confidence to say I CAN DO THIS.
To go travelling more; whether that be explore Wales, Devon or another country altogether.
To be the bigger person and sort family issues out.
To be more adventurous.

I AM going to achieve these, I am determined to. I am sick of being the fatty in my group of friends, and having clothes that could be used as a tent. I need some inspiration, so I think I am going to create another tumblr page on my Friday to use as a fitness and healthy eating inspiration, once Ive done it Ill send out the link so if you are needing inspiration this year, we can all do it together.

So come on, who is with me?!



claudia wright said...

my new years resolution is to lose weight too!
im just having lunch before joining the gym so im getting the ball rolling hahaha
good luck!



Sophie Marie said...

i bet loads of peoples are- but come on, you look amazing! You are being very proactive though, Ive started mine with healthy eating for now so well done you!

Good luck to you too though lovely :) xxxxx