Sunday, 13 January 2013

Graze-ful delight!

Hiyaa my lovely people!

Hope you are enjoying your Sunday- mine is going to be pretty laid back... haven't actually left my bed yet, whoops!

This is only a quick post, I keep meaning to do a January sales blog post... I will get round to it, just had a couple of horrendous weeks at work, but on training now so finish work at a reasonable time and will have time to do it one night this week :)

I just wanted to share a code with you that I used this morning for Graze- a healthy snack delivery company that deliver right to your door. I found this code on a leaflet in Glamour magazine, for a free box, so snapped it up!

When I actually put the code in on the website, you actually get the first and fifth box free, which is pretty good!

So, if you want to see what its like, like moi, then just go to then enter the code GLAMOUROFFER. When there, you just pick the foods you like/bin/ like to try and they send you a mix in the post!

Ill let you all know what I get when it arrives! :)


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