Thursday, 31 March 2011

Galaxy Defenders Stay foreverrr... OOTD

I only seem to be apologising on here at the moment, but I really am sorry that I am such a sh*t blogger at the moment. My life is just so hectic with loads of uni work, trying to do paid work to pay for everything and planning a few little holidays :)

But anywho... On Sunday, I went to see my favourite band in the whole wide world with Steph- Mcfly. Now I know alot of people always say 'they are clones of Busted (R.I.P*sob*) but I have loved them from the very start, and don't plan on giving up now. So yes, I went to see them at Newcastle Metro Radio arena (like I do err... every year) and queued for hours so we could get to the front since we were in standing.

And guess who got near the front *hint- its meee!* So, here is what I wore to see the beautiful band... (please excuse my mess of a room- we are decorating the house and everywhere is a mess. Including my room.)

Cardigan:Primark; Vest Top:H&M; Trousers:New Look; Brogues(not in pic):New Look


Katkins1982 said...

I love the outfit! The pink is such a nice colour pop

aroselikethis said...

5colours 7years!!!

you looked lovely sophie :) was it standing at newcastle we were all seated but first row or 2 got to stand at the front on the barrier my god tom sweating on me was a beautiful moment haha :)

p.s i love you poters ;) xx

Hi! Im Sophie said...

aw thanks love :) yes it was standing, thats where we were. I was like 4 people back, inbetween Danny and Dougie. Was beautiful, Im sure Danny saw me and was like 'my future wife' hahahaha :)

oh lord haha, ive had them since i was 13, and refuse to take them down until we decorate haha xx