Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Want Of The Week

I adore Alexander McQueen R.I.P. I particulary love his beautiful scarves, so different but yet they are a modern day classic in the fashion world.

Now, as you may know, on the 5th February 2011, there is a fabulous ++bloggers meet held mainly by the even more fabulous Lauren and her little helpers (including myself... ok Im not the greatest of help living nowhere near London but Ive tried haha!) which includes a fabulous day in London and then a party in a fabulous art gallery with some amazing sponsers. Now, me and Steph have got a lovely place to stay (thank you Stephs friend! xxx) we dont have to worry about paying for a hotel.

Soooo... my logic is that now I dont have to fork out another £50, I could put it towards buying a classic piece of clothing... mainly this scarf. I love it oh so much and it would be my little baby. Plus, if I wear it with everything, according to my calculations, it will work out to be dead cheap over a period of time. Plus I wont tell my dad LOL....

Like it?


p.s- Ive gained like 4 followers over the past week, and I am SO happy about it! :)
Thank you oh so much from the bottom of my heart for following me. I am starting to find my feet a little with this whole blogging lark, and cannot wait to meet those of you who are attending the ++bloggers meet! xxx

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