Sunday, 23 January 2011

Spend Spend Spend...

FINALLY got the pictures to go up, soooo here is what I bought in Leeds:

MAC limited edition Lip Stick; £13.50 and foundation £19.50

me wearing the lipstick, so you can see it better. Primark; £8

New Look; £19.99
New Look; £19.99

Tesco; £4 each
Evans; £10
Bobbles; £1
(Two Scarves) Primark; £2
Primark; £1
Cupcake Necklace; Primark; £1.50
Cath Kidston; £5
Primark; £7
So yeah, I spent a slight fortune. But Oh well, I love them all :)


Amy said...

Loving the second pair of New Look shoes and the Primark bag! Might have to have a look for those when I next go shopping!


Sophie said...

Ahh yess deffo, I loved the bag and couldnt decide whether or not to get it or not- but for £7 its a right bargain! The shoes are really comfy too, I wore them all around town today and they felt lovely :) plus its 20% off at New Look at the moment for students :)


StephanieDJL said...

Oh look at you, copying my shoes again! ;)

Sophie said...

hey now, you have them in black, and i didnt know you invented them shoes ;) not my fault we like the same things LOL xx