Thursday, 30 December 2010


Hello my darlings, I hope you are all well. So. Its that part of December that isn't Christmas anymore but everyone is waiting for NYE. I dont particulary like this part (minus my mums birthday which is today, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUMMA!) so I thought I would reminsce about my Chritmas Day.

So, we aren't like most familys, where they get up super early to open presents. We didn't get up until 9.30 and even then my dad took the whole 'Ooooo has he been this year?!' fun out of it. He ran downstairs before hand with them all then shouted us down. So thanks dad. LOL.

My dad and sister opening presents.
BTW, excuse the house, we are mid decorate so everything is a mess down stairs haha. I got some fabulous presents; including my WOTW which was my camera, 'cept mine is red, not black. I also got some Wii games and active trainer thing, haven't quite figured it out yet, Glee box set, perfume, money, a bag and other things, I just cant remember what now haha.

I got a tad excited about my camera haha.

So, after messing about for a bit, I got ready. Here is my outfit of the day:

Dress: ASOS Curve
Tights: Primark
Shoes (not in picture): New Look

For as long as I remember, we go to my nannas for Christmas Lunch. Turkey lunch with all the trimmings. Dont have a picture as I wasnt allowed my camera at the table. Grrr. But here is me and my sister after lunch. She can never pull a straight face on pictures, shes just a pain in the bum but thats another rant.
So, at about 4pm, I go to the mothers for the evening, and have a little buffet (if there is any room left!) and to get my present off her. She got me a Wii with all the things to go with it such as the Wii fit board. We had a little play with my camera, but she would kill me if I put some of them up. So here is the one she doesnt mind haha.
Me & my Mumma

So yeah, thats basically my christmas day. Hectic as hell but I loved it. How was your Christmas Day?

Hope you all had a lovely time!



StephanieDJL said...

I love that dress, you look fabulous in it chica!

Sophie said...

Aw thank you darling! :) You can have a borrow if you want :) x