Friday, 29 October 2010

War Paint Brushes

So I have spent a FORTUNE this month on new things, including my new Topshop brushes. I was planning on buying my brushes from the ELF online store as they are all really cheap and according to Kat, they are really good. However as I was in Leeds with Steph and we passed Topshop, I decided to get the make up brushes and a new pencil sharpener from there.

They are retailed at £24 and the sharpener was £3, but as I am a cheapy cheap student, I got 10% off, so I got them both for £24.30. I think. Close enough haha.

All of the brushes are really soft, but not too soft that you can't do anything with them. To be honest, I only really wanted a new eyeshadow brush... but I wanted a nice set of brushes as all of mine were getting a bit tatty. The foundation brush holds the foundation well, without it going everywhere. The blusher brush is SLIGHTLY too soft for my liking, as it feels like it isn't picking up any blush. But you know what? Its alright. Ive adjusted to it, and I quite like it. (By the way, the lip brush isn't meant to be red- I had just used it on my new MAC lipstick.)

Anyone else use these brushes? Let me know what you think!


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